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25th May 2018-SOLD OUT

Lavendore Rogue | Trevor Steger

Back in January 2017, the little old blues club in Sedgefield was the scene for a piece of musical history when a live CD was recorded at the Parish Hall by the winners of 2017 UK Blues Challenge winners, LaVendore Rogue. So, what is the meaning of LaVendore Rogue (pronounced LAV, as in ‘toilet’, END, as in ‘not the beginning’, ORE, as in ‘iron’). Well, nobody knows what the name means, but what is clear is that LaVendore Rogue are one of the most exciting bands to emerge on the UK Roots scene for many years competing in the 2018 International Blues Challenge in the USA and the European Blues Challenge in Hell, not the one in the deepest darkest realms of the earth’s core but in Norway.
Anyway, back to the album, the gritty performance captured the energy and power of their live shows and they are back, bigger and even more live than before! We ask you…will you relive that NIGHT IN THE NORTH moment or witness the attitude and swagger of Jo Jo backed by the sublime guitar playing of Joel Fisk for the first time?

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Note, the venue is all seated and holds 120. Over 90% of the gigs have sold out early since 2011.

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Friday 25th May: 7pm
Lavendore Rogue
Sari Schorr at Sedgefield Blues Club

After a Memphis tour and two blues awards nominations plus recording a live album at Sedgefield, we welcome back LaVendore Rogue.

We can't wait!!!
Friday 25th May: 7pm
Trevor Steger
Trevor Steger at Sedgefield Blues Club

Trevor Babajack Steger is an established Blues musician, renowned for his unique playing style and exciting performances. He has recently decided to develop his solo career to delve into the Roots Blues music that has always been his passion.

Nominated numerous times for Best Harmonica Player along with Best Album and Song in the British Blues Awards
Friday 7th September: 7pm
Chris 'King' Robinson
Chris 'King' Robinson at Sedgefield Blues Club

In 2014, huge public demand for live performances led Chris to form his own 4-piece group: ‘The Chris King Robinson Band’ which quickly gained recognition as one of the most exciting live bands in the country. At the age of just 21, this is only the beginning for a guitarist who many think will become the standard bearer for 'The Blues' for years to come!

"Wow. Just listened to your song. Sounds great."-Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Friday 7th September: 7pm
The Della Grants
Dave Kelly/ Maggie Bell at Sedgefield Blues Club

The Della Grants are an English band whose self-penned songs seamlessly bridge the gaps between Blues, Rock, and Americana. Since their inception in 2014 The DGs have made a name for themselves among industry professionals and fellow musicians alike; for their song writing ability and on-stage performances.

"The Della Grants is a solid testament to modern blues. The foursome is sure to make some waves in the industry...."-Blues Rock Review
Friday 19th October: 7pm
Dave Kelly/ Maggie Bell
Dave Kelly/ Maggie Bell at Sedgefield Blues Club

Maggie Bell and Dave Kelly renewed their partnership in 2015 after a two year lay-off with some selected venues and festivals in the UK and Canada, and toured the UK in 2016. The on-stage chemistry is immediately apparent, stemming from their love and respect for the music they play as well as the deep knowledge of the genre.

An evening with two stalwarts of the British R&B scene, two great voices, two great reputations.
Friday 23rd November: 7pm
Malone Sibun Band
Malone Sibun Band at Sedgefield Blues Club

Two forces of nature join together for a musical experience not to be missed. Together the two stellar musicisans promise a powerful mix of rock, blues, soul and funk all underpinned by Malone's soulful song driven quality and triggered by Sibun's high levels of intensity and his inherent melodic feel.