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Independence - Trevor Sewell Band

Home - Aynsley Lister Band

Big City Blues - The Hoax

Shake The Walls - Marcus Bonfanti

Standing In  The Shadows - King King

The Storytellers Daughter - Northsyde

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Top quality acts time and time again. Our venue holds 120 and we regularly sell out, so, we advise you to buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment. Gig titbits...we have our dedicated sound and lighting team who give us excellent sound and visuals, thus making great video and pictures.


The bar...we have cask ale, lager & cider at £2/pint. Plus a selection of red and white wine and soft drinks, we don't serve spirits.


The raffle...whilst we are a not for profit organisation we do like to raise funds through a quality raffle with signed CD's, t-shirts and next gig tickets on offer. This means that we can afford to bring the very best to Sedgefield.


We know you will support the club and in return we will put on a good show.

Ticket HOTLINE - 07957104434

Ticket notes: Due to the popularity of tickets for our club we only release a certain volume for online sales so when they are gone they are gone. We advise to buy early as we regularly sell out up to 4 weeks in advance. If you buy tickets early and cannot make it for a genuine reason then we will make every effort to resell your tickets to people on the reserve list. Alternatively, you can post a message on our Facebook page offering your tickets for sale.


Ticket delivery-if you purchase online and your tickets don't arrive straight away, don't worry, we are volunteers so we will process when time allows. In the meantime please keep your PayPal confirmation as proof of purchase. If you purchase close to the gig date we will make suitable arrangements with you.

Well, maybe it’s a sign of Global warming, but Friday night gave a rare sighting of possibly the S.East’s best kept secret up in these parts - Ben Poole & his band. What a treat it was.


The opening was low-key, very much Ben feeling out his new audience, and the audience taking in this handsome, blond stranger, only spoken of in awed whispers. After a couple of well delivered and equally well received numbers, with a voice eerily reminiscent of Jonny Lang,  Ben started to relax and really open up with a rocked-up take on an old Temptations number. Okay, this wasn’t Blues as we know it, it was some of the best Soul I’ve heard since the big Soul movement of the 1980s. However, Ben’s one of those rare players who is equally adept in 2 camps, and after a couple more numbers, the shirt was off and Ben the rocker strode the stage and long standing set favourite Hey Joe had jaws dropping all round the room - an occurrence repeated several times before the end of the night.


Not only was Ben having the time of his life, he was bringing the band along too, several great “duels” with the keyboards and exchanging run runs with Craig Bacon on drums and charging riffs with the bass. By the end of the night, the music getting more and more intense, Ben certainly made good on his early promise; “I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down” to which Sedgefield’s reply was “Play On, Play On”.


Sedgefield may be a relatively “new player” in the Blues club scene, but has already made a name for itself for quality gigs, and make no bones about it, this gig was up there with the very best. It’ll be a night long talked about in Durham.

Mike Craggs - Aynsley Lister Forum



friday 19th september

doors 7pm

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friday 24th october

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friday 28th november

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