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Sedgefield Blues Club-American Heritage Blues Hall Of Fame

Bringing the blues to you...Our Rock and Blues club is a non-profit organisation, run by volunteers, who have the desire and enthusiasm to deliver first class rock and blues bands to you time and time again.
The blue guitar on the wall backdrop is our brand identity. The wall was created by hand and therefore is unique to the club. For each and every gig we have asked everyone who has graced the stage to sign the wall, thus collecting our own piece of history. Many thanks to those who sign the iconic wall and make history with us.

With the help of enthusiasts, musicians and friends around the scene, we hand pick bands with a variety of styles. We have a fantastic venue with superb sound and a quaint atmosphere plus locally brewed award winning cask ales.
Our reputation and ability to bring the best headline acts to our stage is growing so you will get quality over quantity.
We have had some fine acts since start up in 2010 and with your continued support we will keep music live in Sedgefield.

your support is appreciated

A non profit organisation HELPING...

Sedgefield Blues Club-Charitable Donations

Sedgefield In Bloom, Mordon Hedgehog Trust, Sedgefield Harriers, Sedgefield Village Action Group, Ceddesfeld Beer festival, plus.... donations to local individuals in need.


Production of a Live music CD, A Night in the North-Lavendore Rogue, Darlington Blues Festival, the British Blues awards, Ceddesfest, plus.... local artists & musicians-support, funding, guidance & promotion.


Cancer research, Movember, Parkinsons awareness, MacMillan nurses, Lullaby trust, plus....Moving mountains (project for orphans in Kenya)

September 2014

American Heritage Blues Hall Of Fame

Sedgefield Blues Club-American Heritage Blues Hall Of Fame

BILLIE Holiday, Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix are just some of the music legends to grace the Blues Hall of Fame. The online gallery celebrates the great and the good, singling out the musicians, writers, venues and promoters that have been instrumental to the genre. However, you don't have to travel too far to find its latest inductee.

For Sedgefield Rock and Blues Club in County Durham is one of the first venues into the UK to be inducted into the hall of fame and its founders could not be happier. Garry Jacobs, from Bishop Middleham, near Sedgefield, said: “We are absolutely delighted. It was quite a shock when we found out. It just shows how far we have come. "I think what makes us so successful is the fact we don’t over stretch ourselves. We are not putting on a concert every week so we leave people hungry for more."

The club shares the honour with North-East photographer, John Finlayson, who earned a spot in the prestigious gallery with his atmospheric images from blues concerts across the region. Thanks to Lizzie Anderson of The Northern Echo for the article

January 2017

LaVendore Rogue - A night in the north

Sedgefield Blues Club-American Heritage Blues Hall Of Fame

We were very pleased have a live CD recorded at our venue, a first for the club. The band was also thrilled to announce the release of their first live album, “A Night in the North” which launched in March 2017. Recorded on Friday 27th January 2017 at Sedgefield Blues Club, the album perfectly captures the band doing what they do best, with absolutely no overdubs. The album will is available on CD and digital download from this link.

01. Dead Man’s Chest (3:35)
02. Honey Murder (5:01)
03. Chocolate Cake (7:24)
04. Oh Death (6:33)
05. The Way It Goes…Sometimes (5:01)
06. A.S.A.D. (6:04)
07. The Chemist (5:33)
08. Hikikomori (7:27)
09. Get Off Of My Cloud (4:10)
10. Siesta Resistance (7:43)

Hollytree Studios 2017


British Blues Awards-Best Album

The 2014 British Blues Awards culminated in the presentation at The Great British Blues Festival in Colne on Sunday 24th August. Back in January, when a seventy plus panel of people closely associated with The British Blues Scene chose their favourite performers in 18 categories which included over 1300 artists.

Since 2014, we are proud to support the BEST ALBUM category. The winners are:

  • 2014: "Standing In The Shadows" - King King
  • 2015: "Going Back Home" - Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltrey
  • 2016: "Reaching for the Light" – King King
Sound & Lighting team

CDB Production Solutions

Sedgefield Blues Club-American Heritage Blues Hall Of Fame

CDB Production Solutions provide Sound, Lighting and Audio Visual Equipment for all of our shows. They are based in Darlington and as well as the full production services with crew they are a credit to the club. Many artists comment on the quality of sound both on stage and front of house.

So you have a gig or looking for professional sound and lighting crew we highly recommend them.

Visit their website for more details.